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The Castellana Foundation donates back-to-school supplies to hundreds of children of Vaverde de Mao, Dominican Republic with help from Ministerios Palabra de vida Eterna

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The Castellana FoundationWestern Beef, and their parent company Cactus Holdings Inc.,and Peter Castellana III on behalf of The Castellana family are proud to announce their support for the children of Vaverde de Mao as they head back to school. The Castellana Foundation in partnership with the local church, Ministerios Palabra de vida Eterna, were able to provide back to school supplies for hundreds of children in the area. The Castellana Foundation supports education and believes that it is essential for children to be prepared for school in order to get the most out of their education.


For more information on this initiative, please reach out to info@cactusholdings.com.

The Castellana Foundation and Western Beef partner with Gersh Academy for Students on the Autism Spectrum on vocational skills program


The Castellana FoundationWestern Beef, and their parent company Cactus Holdings Inc.,and Peter Castellana III on behalf of the Castellana family are proud to announce their support for Gersh Academy for Students on the Autism Spectrum. Western Beef has been a partner with Gersh Academy for approximately three years.


Through this partnership, Gersh offers their students a vocational opportunity near their campus in West Hempstead, NY. This program helps students build real life work experience.


For more information on this program, please read the following Q&A provided from our partners at Gersh Academy:

“Q: How long has Gersh Academy worked with Western Beef In West Hempstead?
A: Gersh Academy has been working with Western Beef in West Hempstead for approximately the last three years.
Q: How do our students like working there?
A: Our students love working there, they are always excited for this vocational opportunity, and since it’s so close to our school, there is a real sense of community when they work there.
Q: How did Gersh come about working with Western Beef and creating that relationship?
A: Gersh is always looking for opportunities where our students can get real life work experience.  With real life work experience, we try to seek out what an actual work day will look like, including how to get to work.  Travel Training with our students includes walking to different work sites, as well as utilizing public transportation.  This made Western Beef an easy choice.  When initializing the relationship, Sonny, (I believe the store manager at the time) helped to facilitate the relationship, as is always accommodating whenever we are working there.
Q: Can you share with us a positive experience you’ve had with Western Beef and your students?
A: It’s hard to mention just one, as over the course of our relationship, there have been so many students that have greatly benefited from this vocational opportunity.  One time does stand out though, when I was visiting our students working at Western Beef, I noticed how all the students couldn’t wait for their opportunity to help customers bag their items.  Typically we break up students into doing multiple different tasks, and then rotating them, so that they can experience different job roles, but it seemed as though all the students couldn’t wait to interact with customers.  That was special to me, that our students were so comfortable at the work site that they wanted to interact with people.
In closing, I just wanted to reiterate how great of an opportunity working at Western Beef has been for our students.  They learn real life skills that they can transfer to real life jobs down the road.  The staff and management are always so supportive and patient with our students, and together we are truly making a future for these students.  We are Changing Lives!”
Western Beef and The Castellana Foundation are grateful for the invaluable experience of partnering with the faculty and students of Gersh Academy and look forward to being a partner for years to come.

Western Beef sponsors African Advisory Council Bronx Week Soccer Tournament


Published by ModernGhana.com; written by Edwin Molina

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. presented the 2019 African Advisory Council Bronx Week Soccer Tournament championship trophy to Team Senegal, beating Team Benin, on Sunday, May 18, 2019, during the 48th annual Bronx Week Parade.

Team Senegal led throughout most of championship match before Team Benin tied the game up 1-1 late in the second half, taking the game to penalty kicks to decide the champion. Team Senegal edged out Team Benin 2-1 in penalty kicks to win the title.

Team Senegal was one of 12 teams representing various African nations that played every Saturday and Sunday this spring at Macombs Dam Park, in the shadows of iconic Yankee Stadium – home of Major League Baseball’s (MLB) New York Yankees and Major League Soccer’s (MLS) NYCFC soccer club – to determine a Bronx African soccer champion.


Two-time defending champions Team Gambia, who were looking to win third championship title in a row, were eliminated in the qualifying stages.

This year’s African Advisory Council Bronx Week Soccer Tournament was sponsored by Royal Air Maroc, Western Beef and Bronx Cares.

Both the soccer tournament and the African Advisory Council were created in 2010, with help from Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr., in order to make African immigrants in the borough become more engaged in local government and to unite our diverse African diaspora.

“The passion for ‘the Beautiful Game’ unites people from around the globe, and it’s no different here in The Bronx, as our African Advisory Council Bronx Week Soccer Tournament has shown year after year,” said Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. “This pan-African tournament showcases that love of soccer as a binding force among our ever-growing Bronx African community. I want to thank everyone who participated in this wonderful tournament, including the two-time defending champions Gambia, finalist Team Benin and the newly-crowned champions Team Senegal, for a hard-fought championship campaign.”

The Castellana Foundation proudly supports HB Studio of Greenwich Village

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The Castellana Foundation, Peter Castellana III on behalf of the Castellana family, Western Beef and parent company Cactus Holdings, proudly support HB Studio in the Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village. Through support from The Castellana Foundation, HB Studio is able to invest in the preservation of their historic buildings and provide the environment necessary for its staff, students and faculty to explore and enrich their artistic talents.
Here is more information on HB Studio, taken from their website:
“Conceived as an artistic and working home, the Herbert Berghof Studio offers an outlet for practice and growth for the professional theatre artist and an opportunity for the young to establish roots in their intended craft. The Studio’s guiding principle is creative freedom, which has as its logical consequence, a responsibility to a noble art.”

Western Beef is proud to announce that we are the exclusive retail partner of Prime 6 engineered BBQ charcoal!


On Wednesday May 15th, 2019, Western Beef announced that entered into agreements as the exclusive retail partner of Prime 6 charcoal. Prime 6 is a uniquely engineered charcoal that comes in bars in a hexagonal shape to ensure even distribution of heat and the optimal temperature for barbecuing. Western Beef prides itself as New York City’s BBQ Headquarters making it a natural fit for the partnership as we enter BBQ Season.

For purchases of Prime 6’s premium BBQ charcoal, please visit your local Western Beef supermarket, and SOON, find it on Western Beef’s Instacart website where one may order it under an hour throughout the five boroughs, parts of Long Island, Yonkers, New Jersey and South Florida. Prime 6 can be purchased by the bundle which includes 36 hexagonal bars, which only weigh 9 lbs and comes packaged in an easy to carry and stylish hexagonal tote — perfect for grabbing by the handle and taking to the beach with your favorite Western Beef meats and veggies for grilling.

Here’s a quote from a spokesperson at Prime 6 regarding the partnership:

“We are excited about the partnership between Prime 6 and Western Beef. For us, it made complete sense to launch our product locally and to join forces with a chain that has roots in our region, supports innovative brands and serves consumers who are enthusiastic about grilling 365 days of the year.”

Here is more information on their cutting-edge product and their mission as a company:

Prime 6 is the next generation of charcoal. Our pride is to bring innovation to a market that has been forgotten and elevate the category so charcoal is seen like any other specialty ingredient in the kitchen.

Our briquettes have a unique hexagon shape that is purposely designed to elevate and enhance grilling experience and performance, hence our tagline- Engineered to Perform.

You should know that we are nature friendly. We don’t chop down trees to make the briquettes, we collect sawdust,what would otherwise be waste, repurpose it and carbonize till we reach over 90% pure carbon.

As a result of the meticulous manufacturing process, our charcoal burns for over 4 hours and produces intense heat, that is why consumers need to use 30–40% less of Prime 6 charcoal compared to other brands. They also get to carry home a 9 lbs elegant pack instead of a 20 lbs sack. And on top of that, there is no messy cleanup, Prime 6 consumes itself completely leaving the grill with zero ash. The full list of features is listed on the website http://www.prime-six.com.

We are excited to have the New York community enjoy BBQ season spending more time with friends and family and less time refilling the grill.

For the latest on Prime 6, please visit them at their website or follow them on Instagram or Facebook.

Western Beef, Instacart offer same day delivery [Long Island Business News]


* Article originally published at libn.com

A new partnership between Western Beef and Instacart means grocery shoppers can get same-day home delivery. The service is available at   Western Beef stores on Long Island and elsewhere in New York and New Jersey.

The partnership offers convenience for busy families and is “a new way to have fresh groceries and everyday essentials delivered to their door in as fast as an hour,” Sarah Mastrorocco, vice president of business development for Instacart.

Shoppers can select food online or open the Instacart app on their mobile device, choose their city and store, add groceries to the grocery cart at same as in-store prices, and then pick the time to deliver the groceries within one hour or up to five days in advance before checking out. An Instacart personal shopper then picks, packs and delivers the order to the customer in the designated time frame.

For orders of $35 or more, the delivery fee is $3.99. With an Instacart Express membership for $9.99 per month or an annual fee of $99, customers get unlimited, free delivery on all orders over $35.

First-time customers of Western Beef on Instacart can enter the code INSTAWESTERN19 at checkout for free delivery on their first order of $35 or more.